Booking a trip on the internet has its share of stress and it can take more than 4 – 12 hours researching on the various airlines and hotels. You will probably spend hours and days haphazardly searching online for deals on flights and hotels – granted time is of essence for busy executives. Worse still …. If you miss the terms and conditions of each of the suppliers you may end up losing some money. So to avoid all this stress you need to use a one stop shop for your holiday / business booking.  A certified professional travel and tours agent is what you need – and Silverbird travel is here to provide you with reliable travel solutions. Just give us your requirements and budget and will do all the planning for you for a small fee. This will free you to attend to your business while we take care of your travel needs – this is value addition.


South Rift Galaxy Safaris plus is a reputable professional travel and destination management company based in Nairobi, We create authentic and seamless unique travel experiences for the discerning traveller, hassle free vacation packages that include the must see sights and places while connecting you with the local culture. We promise our clients A Holiday of a lifetime – full of memories to cherish.

10 Advantages of using Silverbird travel over direct internet booking.

  1. 1.    Saves time. We save you time by vetting thousands of flight and hotel options to find the right fare at the lowest rates. There is too much information out there and you need someone to make sense of it. We have 18 years of experience – hence we have the experience and extensive product knowledge. So we get your needs, match these to what is available and decode it on your behalf and give you back what you require in the shortest time possible.
  2. 2.    Saves you Money and the agony of uncertainty.  There is a misconception that agents charge higher than when you do a direct booking. The truth is we get a % commission through the travel suppliers and most of the time we pass some percentage off the commission down to the client making it cheaper than direct dealing.  Furthermore, we shall save you the agony of uncertainty of what to expect from a faceless booking; and precious time – time is money.
  3. 3.    Learn what you want. Most likely people don’t really know what kind of trip they want.  It’s our job as a travel agent to provide you with a number of options we think you would enjoy. We will Not only help you book a trip, we will help you build the trip.
  4. 4.    Connections. We have people on the ground who you can connect with, such as a local tour guide, as well as people you can reach out to if you encounter any problems. “Having access to a travel agent’s insiders makes it just an overall better customer service experience than going at it alone and hence a sense of reliability and security.
  5. 5.    Authenticity. As travel agents we shall enlighten you about trip options you may not be able to find online. It’s about knowing what is available and where to get it, be it a small getaway, camping, great cuisines different cultures or tickets to a private show. So it’s about us being able to help you find unique life experiences that you will remember.
  6. 6.    Knowledge. Flawless travel plans lie in the details, we as travel agents are experts when it comes to handling those details. It could be a well painted pretty picture online, but what if there’s construction going on? What if it’s in a bad neighborhood? We shall have that kind of background knowledge shielding you from unexpected and unforeseen surprises.
  7. 7.    Troubleshooting. Despite extensive travel planning, you might encounter some bumps on your trip. We by your side handle them for you can make your travel experience a lot less stressful. In almost any rough situation, you need a travel agent. If your flight gets cancelled or if its delayed or a hotel, we are in a better position to resolve or alert you in advanced to avert inconveniences.
  8. 8.    Deals & Offers:  When we book a high volume of trips often we have access to perks that you might not be able to get on your own. Whether it’s a room upgrade, a fee waiver or even reservations at a hot resort or on a popular tour, we often add deals into your vacation plan. If you are planning a trip for a special occasion, such as a marriage proposal,  we has access to the resources and people who can help you plan the perfect event.
  9. 9.    Travel Documentation. We can help you to prepare and organize any necessary documents that you may need in order to travel outside of the country. We can direct you to your local passport office, and they know where you need a visa, as well as any other documentation that you might need along the way.
  10. 10. Going the Extra Mile – We work for you and will do everything we can to meet your travel needs. We literally go that extra mile to help our clients.

Give us a try and we guarantee a memorable experience.