Castaway-Chic Che Shale


This is a chic beach retreat nestled in lush vegetation and set on a pristine and secluded beach that stretches for 5 kilometers. Awaiting you are miles of unspoilt deserted beach,  stylish beach bandas, attentive service, delicious fresh cuisine , beach walks, adrenaline-filled watersports, to make your escape.

Che Shale is found along the Kenyan coast, about 25 kilometres north of Malindi and the Galana River Delta. It’s a small beach hotel near Malindi tucked away in lush vegetation, giving it the ultimate castaway-chic vibe. Its private location means that you can enjoy the exclusivity of a beautiful bay that stretches for five glorious kilometres.

With its blend of low-key luxury and natural beauty, Che Shale has been one of Kenya’s most iconic destinations for almost 40 years.


All the charm and quiet of nature is captured in 9 uniquely designed castaway-chic style beachfront bandas that combine laid-back style and attention to details. The Bandas are entirely crafted with local materials such as weaved palms, mango wood, driftwood and doum palms, your banda provides a soothing immersion into nature. This perfect blend of nature and luxury gives you a unique, one of a kind experience.

Unique Cuisine

The food is a blend of international cuisine enhanced by local flavors and spices such as ginger, coriander coconut, mango, turmeric and more. There is abundant seafood year-round and beautiful produce, with a great variety of fruits and vegetables grown in Kenya.

Enjoy a tasty Mangrove Crabs or Blue Swimmer Crabs. There is Wok-Tossed Crab in Ginger and Oyster Sauce. The restaurant is also well-known for serving home-grown Soft Shell Crabs. These are some of the many great delicacies you can indulge in at Che Shale


Che Shale is known as stylish beach retreat with world-class kite surfing. It has a perfect weather for kitesurfing all year round. Along with kitesurfing, Che Shale also offers kite buggying, stand-up paddle boarding, surfing, big-game fishing, dhow sailing, and kayaking. Get a unique sporting experience at this exclusive destination.

You might never want to leave our beach, but you there are other areas that you can venture in to in and around Che Shale.

  • Tsavo East National Park offers great widlife safaris
  • A day in Malindi (markets and old town)
  • Snake farm in Watamu
  • Arabuko Sokoke Forest
  • Snorkeling at the Malindi Marine Park