Celebrate Valentines in Style!


A romantic getaway for your loved one is waiting for you at Segera Retreat. Lying at the heart of Laikipia Plateau, it is a private sanctuary which offers unique experience to guests. It is a good place to experience the land and its beauty, the people and the luxury it offers. The retreat has 6 timber and thatch villas.

The villas have private deck, swinging beds. There is also a private out door. The accommodation differentiated as; Segera House where it caters for a maximum of 4 people (with lounge, raised decks and salt-water pool); The Oasis; Villa Segera for 2 with a private veranda, pool and lounge area, private garden and salt-water pool.

In this month of love, surprise your loved one by booking them a room at this beauty and get to take your love to the next level. Call us today before the rooms get fully booked!