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Our mission is to provide independent, reliable information that will help to make your complex online buying decisions easy of booking tours. We have hundreds of tour reviews, covering most of the tours that you can buy online in Africa.

We have a team of editors and reviewers, each with a specific portfolio of services and products. We carefully asses all the phones that we review so that we can provide you with the information you need to make a wise buying decision.

Our main focus is on the needs of online buyers . This is what drives us to develop content that is credible, unbiased and thorough. The product categories that we include on this site provide valuable benefits to the consumers.

We monitor many market places, keeping a keen eye on the trends .We are committed to transparency and clarity. You can trust the reviews and all other information that you will find on this website.

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Address: Nairobi Kenya

Email: info@safaribookings.co.ke

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Safari bookings blog aims to keep you informed about the best destinations as well as help you choose the best tours. Take your time to go through the specifications of a tours that you are interested in to ensure that you are choosing exactly what you are looking for

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Electronic Visa (E-Visa) services are becoming the preferred mode of seeking travel approval by the modern traveler, industry trends indicate, as year-on-year overseas travelers...
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