Craving for something.


Sometimes you are just resting and suddenly you get a strong craving for something sweet and just the thought of it makes your mouth watery. You try to figure out what you are missing, but your mind isn’t thinking straight…all you know is that you need to get “that” something as soon as possible. If this is the kind of dilemma you are in, South Rift Galaxy Safaris Plus got answers for you.


One of the greatest mouthwatering Kenyan cuisines that makes you wanna bite your fingers off is the famous Nyama Choma which literally means roasted meat. It is the type of meat you will remember for a lifetime once you get to eat it with your bare hands and tear off the fleshy ribs with your teeth as if nothing else ever mattered, the type of meat that creates perpetual impressions and builds memories the moment you involuntary finish off by hungrily licking your fingers and trust me when I say that once you go Nyama Choma, you never go back!

Nyama Choma can be beef, chicken, goat meat, name them, we got variety for you. It is usually eaten off a communal cutting board, as the main dish with other dishes.

Some people prefer just straight meat and salt, others a bit of kachumbari, which is a combination of freshly chopped tomatoes, pepper, onions and cila
The good news is that in Kenya you never run out of Nyama Choma joints, from the finest restaurants to roadside shacks.  What you will run out of is space in your tummy to take any more of this enticing aliment. You do not need to feel ashamed because you are in a foreign place and  you love ordering big chunks of meat, on the other hand when you order a small amount, most people will wonder why you are depriving yourself of the right to this heavenly delicacy.ntro or sometimes avocado while others with French fries.  Most people however prefer taking it with Ugali also known as cornmeal starch or with our great variety of Kenyan beers which is the most electrifying experience, but whatever your preference is, you are spoilt for choice!

At least next time you are salivating, you have an idea in your mind of what you can take to minimize the craving. For more ideas of what you can enjoy with South Rift Galaxy Safaris….

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