Golden sand of Mambrui


The old town of Mambrui, located 12 kms north of Malindi, was a successful trading post during the 14th and 15th century. Most of the remains unearthed reveal that people from all corners of the world came and went, and left a piece of their history.

In the past Mambrui was an important Muslim religious center, which also hosted the first Chinese that arrived in Kenya by sea. Today, the “old town” of Mambrui is little more than a fishing village developed on the large beach that joins the “rive gauche” of the Sabaki, the salt pans of Ngomeni. Mambrui seems to be just like any other fishing village along the coast, But in fact it has well reputed Quran schools and is destination for a huge Maulidi pilgrimage in honor of Prophet Mohammed.

Mambrui real attraction is Che Chale golden beach, with Wild Ocean not protected by the reef. The vast sandy beach that stretches from Mambrui to Ngomeni becomes a perfect road during low tide.

Here you will find Hotels, apartments and townhouses that are home to mostly Italian. The north of Mambrui part is embellished with fine resorts and upscale complex. Mambrui is the ideal place for one-day trips or for those wishing for a relaxing holiday where you will experience wild African sea without coupled with the western comforts.

Golden sand of Mambrui Beach

Mambrui Beach is a wonderful, unspoilt, natural beach with only a few hotel complexes. Its outstanding features are the golden sand and the adjacent dunes, especially at low tide the fine sandy and very clean beach seems to stretch endlessly. It is one of the few beaches that you are allowed to drive on the beach. Mambrui Beach has a kind of magical atmosphere and is really beautiful to look at.

The wonderful beach of Mambrui extends for about four kilometres north of the Galana River estuary. Off season you will only see a few fishermen and hardly any holidaymakers at Mambrui Beach.

In some areas of the beach are small golden particles in the sand which shimmer delightfully in the sun. At the southern end is a small settlement which can be easily reached by car, or alternatively on foot through the dunes which is rather strenuous. The best option is to take one of the inexpensive motorbike taxis.

Haven for kite-boarders & Solitude seekers

What makes Mambrui Beach stand out from the other beaches in the area are the adjacent dunes which provide this beach with a somewhat surreal desert atmosphere. The spacious beach together with the dunes and fishing huts built into the hillside all help to create a beautiful setting. Che Chale Beach is said to be the best kite surfing spot in Kenya, equipment is on rent and the annual Kite surf Masters are held there.

The fishermen will gladly show you their catch of the day and generally the locals here are even more friendly and welcoming and you can be lucky enough to join in their voyage. Generally, Mambrui is the place you need to be to have a relaxing, quiet and total escape away from the hustle and bustle.

The Estuary of the Galana River is also worth a trip and with a bit of luck you might see crocodiles, pelicans and even hippos.


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