Matira Camp, Masai Mara


One of Eastern Africa’s most fascinating nature reserves featuring a huge and varied animal kingdom is located in the South West of Kenya. Approx. 5.000 km2 in size, the reserve lies in the Lake Victoria basin, a mere one hour flight from Nairobi.

Surrounded by hills, the rivers Mara and Talek pass through the vast bush- and grassland, meandering in apparently never-ending windings through the untouched landscape. Dense riparian forests line the rivers’ banks and and bestow upon the otherwise tree-scarce region the charm of a fertile scenic river landscape. Inselbergs of massive rock as well as a multitude of small trenches, so-called Korongos, also contribute to shaping large parts of the Maasai Mara. Here, both fauna and flora flourish due to diversified natural resources, hence creating a unique ecosystem.

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