Mt. Elgon National Park


Rising from the jungles that border Uganda, Mt Elgon is an impressively craggy extinct Volcano. This remote region makes for interesting trekking through deep forest and across broad moorlands.

There is plenty of wildlife and plenty to discover. The peaks are ideal for climbing, and shelter a series of warm geothermal springs. The mountain has many caves for the visitor explore. In these caves, known collectively as Elkony, ancient cave paintings decorate the walls, and bats and rock hyrax are found among the winding passageways.

 The most famous cave of all is Kitum, where each night Elephant herds gather and begin a slow procession deep into the mountain. The elephants make their way through the caves, following well-worn paths made by generations before them. Deep in the cave, they use their tusks to excavate the walls, seeking the natural salt which they lick from the scarred rock. Witnessing this incredible sight is just one of the many wonders of Elgon.

 Getting Around

Main road access to Mt Elgon is via Kitale. Elgon’s remote location makes private transport advisable. Some trekking companies can organize transfers from Nairobi to Mt Elgon. See the Trekking, Mountain Climbing and Safaris and Tours sections for details. Elgon’s remote location makes private transport advisable.

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