Popular destinations in Kenya – Kakamega County


The major attraction in Kakamega County is Kakamega National Forest Reserve in Shinyalu Division of Kakamega District. The other is the crying stone of malesi.

To add value to the tourist attractions and give visitors the best experience, the County government is planning to introduce Gorillas from Uganda to complement the already rich fauna in the indigenous forest. Aggressive marketing will be undertaken to create awareness and entice them to visit and view the hundreds of monkey, snakes and bird species that are found in the only tropical rain forest in Kenya.

Plans are in top gear of introducing a cable car to run all the way from Shinyalu where the Kenya Forest Service is located to Kambi Mwanzo to give visitors an aerial view of Kakamega forest.

Some 4.2 Ha of land have been set aside to put an eco-tourism center near the forest. This will be done in partnership between the County Government of Kakamega and the Lake Basin Development Authority.