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7 reasons to visit Singapore in 2019

Whether you’re an insatiable foodie, a lover of the arts or an irrepressible daredevil, Singapore’s endless possibilities are certain to fuel the fires of...

10 of the Best Places to Visit in Morocco

Although narrowing Morocco's plethora of incredible destinations down to a top 10 list is difficult, no trip to the North African nation would be complete without...

The Top 5 Luxury Hotels in Egypt

Egypt has been drawing the intrigue of people for thousands of years, and visitors went through great lengths to travel there even during ancient...

Why Your Next Small Group Holiday Should Be in Egypt

Making connections: that’s the essence of small group touring. And where better to try it than in Egypt? Experience ancient culture, mystical landscapes and the...

8 Most Famous Landmarks in Egypt

Pop singer Stafford was famous for her romantic ballad about seeing the pyramids along the Nile. Long before her hit single, however, the pyramids...
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