Tantalizing Ngare Ndare


Ngare Ndare Forest is a flourishing 5,554 hectare indigenous forest at the foothills of Mt. Kenya. Ngare Ndare is Maasai for ‘water for the goats’. The forest forms an important corridor for elephants and other wildlife moving from Mt. Kenya forest to Il Ngwesi, Mukogodo and other sections of Kenya’s northern rangelands that includes the Lewa Conservancy.  It is home to 200 year old trees stretch into the canopy supporting a rich variety of bird and animal life. Some of the trees that form this forest include the Red Cedar trees and the African Olive trees which are considered to be two centuries old, and Yellow wood trees, which are preferred for the construction of boats.

Ngare Ndare also hosts a river which originates  from a spring in the forest  and also Sapphire pools glistening  at the bottom of waterfalls creating  blue pools that go on to provide water for the wildlife along its banks and the surrounding communities. This makes a perfect ecosystem for wildlife and birds.

Ngare Ndare boasts the only canopy walk in East Africa.  This 80 feet high wood and wire suspension bridge extends for about 450m through the tree canopy and it’s a perfect monkey’s view of the flora and fauna below. Plenty of wildlife can be view up the canopy including black rhino, elephant and buffalo.


The conservancy is a haven for adventure lovers within the forest include camping, hiking, game drives, swimming in the waterfall pools, cliff diving, abseiling and a very picturesque canopy walk where one can spot game.

Canopy Walk

The canopy walkway is a 40 ft. high aerial bridge of wire mesh and cables meandering through the tree canopy and extending 450 metres long. The walkway ends at a wooden platform 30ft. high, where you can relax and enjoy a view of the river from this elevated vantage point. Elephants and buffaloes frequently come here to drink and wallow, and one can enjoy a drink or a meal at the lofty leafy deck.

Waterfalls and swimming.

There are a series of waterfalls and pools down one of the river systems that flows with crystal clear water. The beauty of these natural sites is a wonder to see and enjoy. The river banks are a delicate environment so please use with care. Take a deep in these waterfalls and pool for a unique experience.

Forest Camping

We have two campsites that are sited near flowing water where guests can enjoy camping out in the wilds of the forest. The campsite is equipped with clean running water, a toilet and a bathroom. We have well trained guides who can take you on informative and fun filled camping that must be always accompanied by an armed ranger.

There is always the excitement and sometimes a danger in meeting up with the big five in a forest environment.


There are a number of streams that make up the core of the forests life line, one of which offers a fantastic canyoning experience. Canyoning down this valley offers a great opportunity to enjoy the beauty of this forest. A day out canyoning with an African Ascents guide will involve a number of waterfall jumps, slides and abseils.

Rock Climbing

The Ngare Ndare forest has some minor grade rock climbing sites and abseiling walls for the experienced adventurer.

Game drives / Watching

Ngare Ndare is favoured as a sanctuary by animals such as the elephant, rhino and buffalo, where they reside to give birth, nurse their injuries, recuperate or die.  It is home to several other wild animals, birds and insect species. These can be viewed either from the canopy or as you hike/drive through the forest.

Bird Watching

Ngare Ndare forest hosts a huge number of bird species. We have trained and experienced guides who help visitors to spot and identify various birds within the forest.

Ngare Ndare’s beauty,  the calming greenery, fresh forest air, view of wild life and history of the place, will forever prompt you to return. This serene forest is a sight to behold and one of Kenya’s upcoming gems.