Travel Hacks 1


Here are some important things you should know anytime you plan to travel.

  1.  Learn how to use a needle and a thread: this is because you have little space therefore you cannot carry many clothes. Sewing back buttons or repairing clothes will save you a lot.
  2. Wipes: Baby wipes/ facewipes can prove efficient especially in places with no shower
  3. Know the simple but most important words used in that destination.
  4. Make sure you have some emergency money, just in case.
  5. Carry a plastic bag in your suitcase for dirty clothes.
  6. Learn how to swim because once again, you never know.
  7. Learn how to pack light
  8. Be prepared to sleep anywhere
  9. Pack sandals for use in showers
  10. Learn how to take a decent photos, not just a bunch of selfies
  11. Learn basic first aid
  12. Know where the embassy is
  13. Be aware of local laws
  14. Get your vaccinations if you need them
  15. Be respectful