Types Of Safari Vehicles



Types Of Safari Vehicles-At the top-end of the safari vehicles choice is the Open 4WD safari vehicle. This is true for Eastern and Southern Africa. A disclaimer here: the open vehicles, though highly praised  and  recommended, are not suitable for long transfer drives. And travel from one destination to another as there is not protection against dust, with, rain and other elements.

With very little or no doubt at all, this is considered the most exclusive way to take a safari in Africa. Most private conservancies use open Safari jeeps on safaris. In fact, a good number of such conservancies have a total ban on the entry (and use ) of other types of safari vehicles  within their territories.

Types of Open Safari Vehicles

This is the type you will likely use if you decide to take a luxury fly-in safari.   They are almost always found within the parks and reserves and will only pick you up from the airstrip when you flight arrives.

When it comes variation, the Open Side Safari Jeep is no exception.  Some will be completely open allowing unfettered interaction with nature – getting up close and personal with the sights, sounds and smells of the bush.  Other types of Open Safari vehicles  will have a canopy on the top to protect you from the sun and rain.

Safari Destinations Where the Open Jeep is Used

They are mostly used for safaris in southern Africa destination, namely  Botswana, South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and  Zambia. But as mentioned above, a good number of private conservancies in Eastern Africa safari destinations of Kenya and Tanzania also prefer  the  use the open safari jeeps.

Seating Arrangement On the Open Safari Jeep

As the name suggests, they are open on both sides, making them ideal for game viewing. Photography,  bird-watching while offering an intimate and real connection with the African wilderness.

It is important to note that since these vehicles are mostly stationed in the safari camps and lodge. And so there are fewer them stationed there.  That means one will almost always have to content with sharing  with other guests from the camp or lodge where they are staying. If you prefer to have exclusive use of an open vehicle this needs to be arranged, at extra cost, in advance.
Some open safari jeeps  are designed with tiered seating, so that nobody’s view is blocked by the person in front of them.

Protection from the Weather Elements

Due to their being open, there is obviously limited protection from the the elements. It is therefore  vital that you protect yourself against the sun. Hats, scarves and windbreakers are all excellent shields from fierce and hot Ultra Violet rays.  Some of these vehicles do have canvas/plastic canopies that can be closed, if the weather becomes un co-operative. Thunderstorms in Africa can be wild, and come on within minutes!

Photography and Game Viewing While Using the Open Jeep For Safaris

When on safari in an open vehicle, there is nothing between Africa’s wilderness and the occupants. It is easier to look at the wild animals surrounding you and take photos. Not to mention, smells are easier to pick up and sounds are more easily heard.  Whether you are using the completely open safari jeep or the one with the canopy, there is ample space for photography and wildlife viewing.

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