Your next holiday should be a cruise – Here’s why

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Planning an international trip, or even a domestic one, can often be time consuming and stressful when having to plan all the details from accommodation and tours to jam-packed itineraries. This is one of the main reasons why tourists prefer taking cruises, because it’s an all-in-one holiday that requires minimal effort to organise as everything is done for you. If you want a stress-free break where you can put your feet up and relax, then a cruise seems like the perfect fit for you and here’s why.

1. Cruises offer great value for money

When you book a cruise trip, the price you pay includes a range of elements that every holiday needs. Your accommodation, food, most on-board activities and transport from place to place is all covered in the cost, giving you great bang for your buck. Need help figuring out which tupe of cruise you should go on? Check out our guide here.

2. Hassle free holidays

The beauty of taking a cruise is the minimal planning you have to put into it. They are a popular holiday because getting on a cruise takes away the stress of having to research, plan and book all the elements required for an international trip. All you have to do is make sure you’re on board the vessel before it sails off into the sunset. Too easy!

3. Cross off several places on your bucket list

The beauty of a cruise holiday is that you’re bound to find a trip that ticks off a number of must-see destinations. Most adventures on the high seas will take you to a range of cities where you can get off the boat and explore new places.

4. Wake up in a new place everyday

It’s a pretty exciting feeling to go to sleep in one location and then wake up in a new one. On a cruise ship, you’re constantly moving towards another great destination but without the downside of long-haul flights or drives in uncomfortable seats. Instead, you can be sipping on a cocktail looking over the ocean while the Captain is getting you closer to your next on-shore excursion.

5. Be entertained and occupied at all times

Cruise ships are famous for having incredible amenities on board, ranging from cinemas and pool bars to rock climbing walls and nightclubs. You’re guaranteed to be occupied throughout your entire journey. If you want a break from soaking up the sun, then why not head to one of the live entertainment shows.

6. You’ll never be hungry

It’s no secret that the food on cruises come in high quantities and is of high quality. While on board, you’ll get a taste of everything you could imagine and will always be left feeling satisfied. The menu is changed regularly so your palette will constantly be experiencing new flavours.

7. Meet fellow travellers

Many people love cruises for the fact that you’re able to meet and converse with likeminded travellers. When you’re confined to a boat, you’re bound to strike up a conversation with someone nearby or during dinner service if you’re sharing a table with fellow holiday-goers.

You won’t be disappointed when you set sail on your cruise holiday. There is so much to keep you occupied on board the ship, while also getting the chance to explore new places in the meantime. Remember to protect yourself with a travel insurance policy that has cruise cover so you’re not left high and dry if something goes wrong. Check out our cruise travel insurance FAQs. Happy sailing!